Shoota and Brighty at Ring of Fire

April 2, 2017

Australian Hoax rippers Steve “Shoota” Kelly and Nick “Brighty” Bright riding the Ring of Fire bowl Filmed by Alex Waldmeyer

Brian Hamm, Bacon Skateboards’ Totally Harsh

March 22, 2017

Brian Hamm‘s part from the new full length from Bacon Skateboards! Totally Harsh (On Your Mellow Chortle Scene).

Jaime Mateu – West Coast US Adventure

December 12, 2016

Filmers: Brook McKeldowni, Anthony Grant, Justin and Andrew Dr. Salsa Verde

Edit: Sebas Sitjar

Music (track 1): RIP, “Enamorado de la Muerte”
Music (track 2): INNA

Frank Shaw – welcome (back) to HOAX MFG

December 11, 2016

Hoax mfg welcomes Oregonian concrete destroyer Frank Shaw back to the Hoax team!
Also featuring fellow Hoax rider Donovan Rice.

Filmed (mostly) by Donovan Rice
Edited by Jeff Biedenbach


November 11, 2016

A Hoax skate road trip from Basque country, through France, to Belgium and Germany with Donovan Rice, Pepe Nuñez, Kevin Wenzke, Josh Kotlega, Pedro “Pope” Tomas, Jairo Garcia, Sergio Cadena, Koekie, Yoeri Vromans, Pedro Vivas, Alain Kortabitarte, and special guests…

Edited by Alberto Scattolin • Blk/Mark
Filmed by Alberto “Sket” Scattolin and Jonathan Hay.

Music by Ilegal and The Little Fuller Band.

Joe Howard in Yorkshire

October 19, 2016

Here’s Joe around some Yorkshire and Lancashire haunts, set to The Cro-Mags just because… Check out Joe’s interview from Hangup Zine Issue 1:

Guest tricks – Dean Greensmith
Song: Cro-MagsMalfunction

Filmed by Paul Graham and Chris Pope

Joe Madonna blocks on Gateshead's brilliant brick banks. Photo: Paul Graham

Joe Howard one foot tail block on Gateshead’s brilliant brick banks in North East England. Photo: Paul Graham


Nick Peterson & Kevin Kowalski in DUSTED

October 4, 2016

Hoax rider Nick Peterson shares a part with Kevin Kowalski in “Dusted”

A film by Chris Varcadipane



Pedro Vivas – Basque Vacation

September 21, 2016

Cruzade Skateboards – Pedro Vivas – Basque Vacation

video / edit: Pablo Ribera @dabproductions