Bluestone DIY 2.0 – Smoke Beer Skateboards new design release session

July 25, 2017

Bluestone DIY 2.0 – Smoke Beer Skateboards new design release session. Featuring Hoax riders Tony Chavez, Shoota, Josh Kotlega, and Nick Bright. Other skaters: Bevo, Todd Barnsley, Bretty, Jacob Martin, Matt Antcliffe, Kristjan Rowell, and Cameron Markin.

Filmed by Albert D’Urbano. Edited by Nello and Ryan Scott

Sergio Cadena RAW

July 7, 2017

Extra RAW footage from Sergio Cadena’s part in the DUSKET video

Video by Mikel Gate

And the full DUSKET video below.

UZ x PFK x Hoax MFG

May 17, 2017

Japanese Hoax rider Uzi Matsui from Japan for PFK’s event Trend Kill. Music by Hurricane Grind (PFK)

Arizona Pool Maintenance featuring Jojo Heffington

May 4, 2017

“Arizona Pool Maintenance” featuring Hoax rider JOJO HEFFINGTON

In the backyards of Arizona’s scorched Earth, skate outlaws continue their endless search for empty backyard drinks. Skateboarding will always be a crime.

Filmed / edited by Brendan Klein

Shoota and Brighty at Ring of Fire

April 2, 2017

Australian Hoax rippers Steve “Shoota” Kelly and Nick “Brighty” Bright riding the Ring of Fire bowl Filmed by Alex Waldmeyer

Brian Hamm, Bacon Skateboards’ Totally Harsh

March 22, 2017

Brian Hamm‘s part from the new full length from Bacon Skateboards! Totally Harsh (On Your Mellow Chortle Scene).

Jaime Mateu – West Coast US Adventure

December 12, 2016

Filmers: Brook McKeldowni, Anthony Grant, Justin and Andrew Dr. Salsa Verde

Edit: Sebas Sitjar

Music (track 1): RIP, “Enamorado de la Muerte”
Music (track 2): INNA

Frank Shaw – welcome (back) to HOAX MFG

December 11, 2016

Hoax mfg welcomes Oregonian concrete destroyer Frank Shaw back to the Hoax team!
Also featuring fellow Hoax rider Donovan Rice.

Filmed (mostly) by Donovan Rice
Edited by Jeff Biedenbach