Jason Parkes

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  • Hometown
    San Diego
  • Currently Residing
    San Diego and Germany
  • Sponsors
    Hoax Clothing, Kiste Skateshop in Stuttgart, right next to the skatepark. Maybe a board sponsor soon, let you know after I talk to them next week. I haven't bought any <strong>Bones Wheels</strong> for a long time, somehow I get them for free from someone/somehow. Indys and Fallen seem to come about without me giving out too much dough.
  • Hobbies / Interests
    Spending time with my son Kilian, playing soccer with him, riding bikes, traveling the world generally in order to skate other / better places. I like art but to be more precise, I don't give a shit about pictures (e.g. drawings; photos are OK), I like sculptures made out of concrete and / or wood. They are not generally called works of art, instead they are usually called pools, bowls, ditches, curbs, skateparks, ramps etc. My favorite "wood-based" artist around these parts is Dietsches. No painter could come close to creating anything as beautiful as the upper pool in ddorf. Mostly because paintings have no real practical use while that bowl is like it's own entity, made explicitly to be "used". The bowl itself is lovely (like a picture), but it only "comes to life" when engaged by a human element (skater). I also like science and prefer learning over entertainment. If it weren't for having been "led astray" by skating, I would almost certainly be a scientist now. As a kid, I wanted to be an Oceanographer or a chemical engineer and of course ever since Star Wars came out, I've wanted to have my own Space Ship like the Millennium Falcon. Still looking for the space ship, any help would be appreciated.